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Why Scrapbooking Should Be Your Next Hobby

We Have 5 Reasons Why You Should!

Scrapbooks Are Great To Protect Your Memories and Photos.
A well made scrapbook will protect and preserve your photos, it also makes the photos themselves more interesting and fun to look at. Most people would prefer and enjoy looking through a scrapbook with personal touches telling a story of an event rather than a plain photo album.

Scrapbooks Make A Gift With A Difference
This is because they are so individual and make a great personalized and special gift for a loved one. Personal gifts of a scrapbook for that special day or occasion are very suitable for Weddings, Anniversaries, Special Birthdays, Births, Graduations, and Retirement parties. Giving a gift of a scrapbook show that you have spent a lot of time and put effort into your gift and it will be a wonderful keepsake for years to come.

Scrapbooking Is a Great Way To Get Creative.
Did you ever think you had an artistic or creative side to your personality? Well everyone does, it's just that not everyone knows or uses it. When scrapbooking you are working with different colors, designs, cutting and arranging photos or news clips, adding notes and descriptions, these are all a great way to express your own feelings and find your artistic side which is a good fun way to pass the time .

Even if you have never thought you could do any of this very well, Guess what? Your in for a suprise! Even the most unartistic person can copy a page plan or templet and really liked their creations. Besides, it's hard not to be inspired when you have some great photos and fun scrapbooking materials in front of you, you start to build a story. Once you get going you'll be adding your own personal touches to your pages, and soon youll be creating your own personal and unique layouts that you can be proud of.

Finding Other Scrapbookers!
Make new friends scrapbooking as sharing a hobby with someone is sharing interests, and is a great hobby for sharing with friends and family, indeed many communities have scrapbooking clubs where scrapbookers can work together to share ideas and interests and show each other their photos while talking for hours about different events . Some craft or hobby stores also have scrapbooking party nights for this same purpose, usually with the hope that people will buy a few things, a bit like party-plan.
The Red LilyRed Lily Crafts
Scrapbooking Fun
These scrapbooking nights or crops, as they are sometimes called by scrapbookers, are a great way to get out in company and spend some time socializing with other people, or if you need to get time away, get your club organize a scrapbooking retreat. It will be two days of nothing but gossip and scrapbooking fun! If your town doesn't have a scrapbooking club, you can find some friends who scrapbook and start one, you will be suprised how many will come! If you don't have some other scrapbookers in your life, you're missing out.

Scrapbooking with Techniques

Scrapbooking Captures Precious Moments and Memories
You or a family friend has just had a honeymoon in Hawaii and was simply an occasion made in heaven. You or they have just spent 2 weeks in the most beautiful tropical paradise you've ever been to, and now you'd like to capture those memories and photos in a beautiful story which can be shown to friends expressing the feelings of the event, much more than a photo album and can be a lot of fun to create, even if you have never tried one before.